Company values and mission

Don't leave attracting top talent to luck. A Compensation philosophy allows you to document a framework for compensation for your candidates and employees. Teams with compensation philosophies develop trust, understanding, and deeper education into the company's topline business goals. Walk through this tool to create your first draft of a compensation philosophy, share it with candidates, and edit it in the future as well.About Complete: Complete empowers companies to build trust in their teams through compensation. With our platform, companies gives their new hires a transparent complete offer letter — including salary, equity, benefits — to make smart compensation choices, and cement their employee relationships. We believe in a world where leading in transparency and education is the norm, not the exception, and we’re here to build the tools to enable this future. Looking to up your compensation game? Sign up today at our website.
We’ll include this in the top of your compensation philosophy for when you share it with your team.
This will help your team understand who is helping spearhead compensation at your company.
You can use this to recover your compensation philosophy
Your mission and values are important to communicate in every conversation with candidates and employees. Here’s a space to talk through it before we talk about the details of your compensation philosophy.

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